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Take a look at our new ivory wedding umbrellas

Here at Jolly Brolly, we have a wide range of umbrellas suitable for any event, including weddings and corporate events. Whether you are looking for a plain and simple design or a bespoke umbrella embellished with a logo, our brollies will be moulded to your exacting needs.


Our in-house design team can help you to create your perfect umbrella, or you can choose from the extensive range of umbrellas we have available to purchase today. We sell them in wholesale and individually so you can be sure that you are getting the best deal.

If you are looking for a wedding umbrella, we have just added two brand new umbrella designs to our collection, which are perfect for the big day. The choices are a plain ivory umbrella, or a frilled ivory umbrella, which would suit all who attend, from the bride, to the bridesmaids and guests. These look stunning in photographs and will ensure you have no worries about the weather on the wedding day.

The high quality of both the umbrellas and printing techniques means that we can cater to every occasion and will withstand whatever may fall from the sky, so you can rely on a Jolly Brolly.

Take a look at our online store and ensure that you are well equipped for your event if the bad weather were to hit.


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