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Why You Should Be Taking Up Golf This Year

Have you kept to keeping your new year’s resolutions? Every year some people make it their mission to hit the gym. Some decide to keep a journal and be more reflective about life.

But some of us prefer an easier life with the potential for fresh air, gentle activity and sociable competition and banter. That’s why this year we’re heading for the golf course!

Golf is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get a really good walk at the same time. When your shots go the way they should, you’ll feel such a buzz, and even on the days when nothing seems to go right and every shot ends up in the bunker, you’ll still be tuning up your game and getting practice in for another day. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still give everyone else a run for their money.

When you’re a golfer, it’s an absolute gift to everyone else when it comes to Christmas and birthdays. There'll be no shortage of gift ideas for people like you. All that specialist clothing - the shoes, trousers, socks, and jackets - equipment and accessories such as clubs, tees, balls and ball markers, notepads and divot tools, right down to the new electronic devices and apps to track your game and help you improve every aspect of it. And don’t forget golf umbrellas. Always room for one more of those!

Golf is a hobby that will keep on offering new opportunities, including socialising, networking, physical skills and the incredible feel-good factor of a new personal best or possibly even a hole in one. And afterwards, whatever happened on the course, you can share all those stories with your golfing buddies in the 19th hole over a pint of something refreshing in the clubhouse.

If you’re feeling adventurous, one of the fun things you can do as a golfer is to travel around and experience different courses across the world. It’s a great excuse to fly to other countries on golfing mini-breaks or even to go from north to south in the UK experiencing the many world-class golf courses on our doorstep.

Obviously, you don’t need to have it as new years resolution in order to start playing golf. You could just decide to take a few lessons in the spring, and see how it goes. You could try a driving range with a friend - grab a bucket of balls and work on your swing to find out if it's your kind of thing. But golf is fun, and we reckon everyone should give golf a go.

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