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Tears of Joy: Wedding Proposal Perfection

Asking the man or woman of your dreams to marry you can possibly be the most nerve-wracking experience of your life making some couples more apprehensive than on the actual wedding day! Here we look at a few proposals that took the ordinary and replaced it with something magical.

Airport Proposal
This proposal required excellent timing and a lot of practice to create an atmosphere of movie-like romance. Upon leaving her plane, the lady in question is treated to several musicians serenading her with separate parts of the same song. After walking a certain distance through the terminal, she is presented with her Prince Charming who finishes the love song and proposes to her on one knee, in front of the whole airport. After cheers and applause they embrace and get ready to start their lives together. The rather nervous looking groom-to-be pulled out all the stops to make sure this proposal was romantic and, if not a little bit cheesy, he certainly made it a day to remember not just for the couple, but for everyone travelling through the airport that day!

Disney Flash Mob Proposal
For this proposal, the future husband made sure the love of his life had no idea she was the driving force behind a flash mob of over twenty dancers! Walking through Downtown Disney, the couple and their friends are treated to some impromptu dancing to Bruno Mars' Marry You. After watching with his girlfriend for a while, hubby jumps in and joins the choreographed dancing, much to the surprise of his lady. As the song finishes, he offers her the ring and, surrounded by dozens of excited onlookers, she accepts whilst crying tears of joy. This proposal is full of energy with the man showing his future wife just how much he wants that wedding!

Glee Beach Proposal
As if we haven't seen enough cheese so far, this one could be spread on a cracker! The couple get out of the car whilst a portable music player plays the One Direction song "You've Got That One Thing". As they couple walk down a path leading from the car park to the beach, they are serenaded by the girlfriend's friends and family miming the song. She continues to be led down a path surrounded by everyone she knows until she reaches the beach where her boyfriend continues to sing the rest of the song. She then follows romantic muscial notes along the beach until she reaches a TV screen with a video playing with everyone she knows speaking about her in glowing terms. Turning round this lucky lade sees her boyfriend on one knee with the ring. Showing that life really can be like Glee, the boyfriend not only had to prepare the whole thing, but also had to learn a One Direction song - now that's true love!


Surprise Choir Proposal
Another flash mob proposal, this time in a busy restaurant. All of a sudden, the happy couple - who are quietly enjoying dinner - are treated to a choir standing up in front of them to sing another Bruno Mars song (he sure does know how to write cheesy love songs!) mixed with the classic Whitney Houston song I Wanna Dance With Somebody. As if the first choir wasn't loud enough, all of a sudden other people across the restaurant reveal themselves as part of the choir and join in to create a beautiful sound. The woman watching has no idea this is all for her and as the choir stops singing and the clientele begin to slowly applause, her well-prepared boyfriend gets down on one knee. View it here.

So whether you want to propose at a romantic meal, on top of a mountain, at a football game or have all your friends and family break into spontaneous song and dance, there is an exciting and super romantic proposal to make anyone go weak at the knees!

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