We are always excited to hear about new wedding trends, be it semi-permanent tattoos, breaking the white with a splash of colour, or a different type of gift for the happy couple.

The biggest trend for the 2016 summer wedding season is technology. With the boom in technology over the last few years, it is time the wedding industry embraced how the latest tech can be used to make weddings special and unique.

Previously, we have seen GoPro cameras hidden in bouquets and now it is drones flying overhead, able to capture every moment on camera for the couple to look at later on. Many companies have cropped up, offering drone photography video packages, especially for huge events like weddings.

The photos are an important way to capture the wedding and helps you to remember which guests were there, but there might always be one person missed out. Drones flying overhead, during the ceremony and the reception will definitely capture everyone who is in attendance and will make sure nobody feels left out of the big day.

As well as getting everyone involved, the shots you can get from a drone are fantastic. The aerial views over the wedding party will provide you with some seriously cool cinematic memories you can keep forever.

What do you think of this new trend – will you be trying it out for your own summer wedding? If it’s a bit out of your budget why not create other amazing photography shots with our bespoke wedding umbrellas?