When the some comes out, us Brits flock outside in our droves to enjoy the rarely-seen yellow object in the sky. However, forecasters have told us not to get used to it…

We might have to brush off the large umbrella sooner than we expected, as a mixed bag of heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected to arrive shortly,

Sunday 8th May at 11am saw the hottest recorded temperature of the year so far, with temperatures of 26°C recorded in West London. The Met Office then recorded a national high of 26.6°C in Northolt, the warmest May temperature since 2012.

However, temperatures are set to fall day-on-day from here on out, with a Met Office forecaster warning that change is on the way, with outbreaks of rain expected in South England.

She said: "[This week] it is not going to be quite as warm but we could still see highs of up to 25C.

"However, in the south-west cloud will start spreading and there will be outbreaks of rain in many areas which will spread to parts of Wales and southern England.

"Some of the bands of rain could be quite heavy and you could say it will be a bit of a reversal of fortunes for the weather from this weekend.”

Many still believe we could be in for the warmest summer in recent history this year, but for now, it seems many of us will have to fight off the rain in the meantime!