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The Beast From The East Crashed The Wedding. But The Pictures Are Everything!

Were you caught out in the recent blizzards? Nicknamed the Beast from the East, the monster-sized Siberian white-out was more than just a quick flurry of snow. Most people in Britain seemed to have been affected, with more than a few unexpected days off work or school, and a few stranded cars.

But even if you found yourself snowed-in and having to dig the path to get your car out, spare a thought for those who had to deal with more than everyday life. A wedding day, for example.

When you’ve planned a once in a lifetime celebration with guests and booked venues, any disruptive weather day can cause chaos. No one would choose for it to happen, but perhaps it's like any other part of life - it’s about making the best of it, even a blizzard. Take Jemma Swaintston-Rainford and Steven Lucock. It was their wedding day when the Beast from the East came for its unwelcome visit. This Newcastle couple hadn’t bargained for snow at all on their big day. The thought hadn’t even crossed their mind until the early hours of their wedding morning when various booked professionals began to contact them to cancel their services for the day. As the morning went on they had to lean on the generosity of people going the extra mile (by foot!) at the last minute to cover the wedding registry, and the bride's makeup and hairdressing.

But of course snow can be visually magical, and as long as all the basics of the wedding are covered, a winter backdrop can make any wedding photo album look Heaven-sent. In this case, the newlyweds described their wedding as looking like Narnia, with the thick white carpet underfoot, every rooftop inches thick in the snow, and even the falling flakes softening the lens for action shots. The occasional mischievous snowball made its way into the frame for the big group shot, and the photo of the two standing together in the virgin snow with the silhouettes of trees almost hidden in the blizzard is pure romance. Laughs and shivers, romance and action. All moods were covered!

So basically, anyone who is feeling fearful of a weather warning happening over their special occasion should be reassured. This couple's experience really looked like a fairytale wedding, and what could have been a major hitch became something that made the whole day even more memorable.


Photo Credit: Sean Elliott Photography Photo Credit: Sean Elliott Photography
Photo Credit: Sean Elliott Photography Photo Credit: Sean Elliott Photography
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