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Theft and Umbrellas: The Stats!

Have you ever popped out your umbrella and wondered where it has come from? Did your friend leave it at your house? Did you pick it up from a restaurant by mistake? Well in the UK there’s a good chance it may be stolen!

A recent study from UK insurance company Churchill Insurance reveals that 11% of people admit to admit to having stolen an umbrella from a colleague, friend or stranger in the last year, with one-in-twenty admitting to stealing two or more.

The study also revealed that when it comes to ethics the wet weather seems to make peoples morals vanish with 9% saying they believe umbrellas are ‘fair game’ and ‘communal property they can take whenever needed.’ 23% said they stole an umbrella from a fellow work colleague with 18% admitting they have pinched one from a stranger on the train or at a station.

The top five theft locations for umbrellas are:

  • Work 23%
  • Public transport 18%
  • Someone’s house 15%
  • Shop/Supermarket 11%
  • Restaurant/Bar 9%

Churchill Insurance spokesperson, Claire Foster had this to say on the British public’s umbrella thievery;

“When it comes to wet weather it seems people are more concerned with keeping dry than worrying whose property they are sheltering under. Faced with the prospect of arriving at work, or to meet a friend, completely bedraggled it is easy to see why someone might be tempted to ‘liberate’ an umbrella. Those keeping an umbrella under their desk or leaving it at a restaurant entrance might want to keep a close eye on it because otherwise they may be the one walking home in the rain.”

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Photo by: Unsplash

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