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Things To Consider When Buying A Kids Umbrella

Every kid loves their own umbrella.

It’s a perfect birthday present, a special thing to give on a rainy day, and could even double up as a party favour.

Umbrellas for kids come in all shapes and sizes though, so how do you choose which one to buy for your little ones?

First off, don’t let the look of the thing distract you from the practicalities. You might find a really fun one with ears and a tail! It might look like a Disney character, or something from the Gruffalo. But if its poorly made, you could be handing your child a weapon rather than an umbrella.

Umbrellas for kids shouldn’t have spiked ends because they can injure other children very easily. It’s much better to choose a style with a rounded plastic tip.

Look at the mechanism. It might close automatically with just one button, but if that’s going to grab your child’s tiny fingers every time she comes in from play, there will be tears that you could have avoided. Whether it’s automatic or manual closing, it needs to have a smooth and gentle action.

Consider umbrella handles that are covered and smooth rather than sharp and rough. Children’s hands are easily hurt, and if you want them to use an umbrella properly, it’ll have to feel comfortable and safe.

The other children in the playground may have a style of umbrella that’s all the rage, but check before you just go and buy, in case a cheap umbrella is going to turn out to be a waste of money. Equally, a more expensive umbrella might be too valuable for a little one to lose at the park.

Basically, umbrellas for kids need to be inexpensive, comfortable, well made, lightweight, easy to carry and pack away, and as well as all that, you’ll want the colour or the design that they’ll love to be seen with.

It might sound like quite a collection of things to remember, but we have a wide range of styles for you to choose from all in one place, and you might just find what you’re looking for online. Think ahead about kids umbrellas before that rainy day comes.

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