Buying kids umbrellas is a pretty simple process, but the choosing the correct one will give you desirable benefits. On the market there are loads of different designs and colours which are specially designed for children.

If you are currently on the hunt for the perfect umbrella for your kids then here are some key points that we think you should be looking at in order to find the right umbrella.

When looking at children's umbrellas we suggest to avoid an that have pointy metal ends. The majority won't have these but there may be the odd one which might. These can easily cause accidents if the umbrella is caught by the wind so make sure that any umbrella that your are looking at has protective plastic caps on the it.

You will want the opening and closing mechanism so be smooth and easy to do. If you are able to test the umbrella first then make sure your child is able to do it on their own with ease.

The handle to the umbrella should also be smooth and have a protective coating on it. Choose the handle which is semicircular curved with a grippy surface. A rubberized handle is best as it will not slip in heavy wind or rain.

On the market there are both automatic and manual umbrellas available. An automatic umbrella uses a spring and pulley system, this is great for convenience but if heavy pressure is exerted while opening then the umbrella may break. As we are talking about kids it's probably best to pick the manual one due to it involving a simple push to open mechanism. These types are a lot more reliable and limits the chance of damage.

The fun bit when shopping for kids umbrellas is that they come in so many designs and styles. You are able to pick an umbrella that suits your children's taste. Let them pick the character, theme or colour of the brolly while you are out shopping.

Here at Jolly Brolly we have a wide selection of kids umbrellas to choose from. All our kids umbrellas have protective handles and come in a varied selection of designs. So whether they are interested in Dinosaurs, Butterflies or Pirates we have the perfect umbrella for you.