Though we love to get any sun we can here in the UK, there are lots of things we love about rainy weather – just call us a pluviophile – a lover of rain! Whatever age you are, there is always fun to have when it is raining, and these are some of the things we love about rainy weather:

  1. The rain gives you the chance to sit in and chill. You can catch up on some reading, watch a movie or binge on your new favourite TV show.
  2. You can try out the new rain gear – including the new clear umbrellas from Jolly Brolly, and enjoy jumping in those puddles!
  3. The hot and heart-warming comfort food you can cook up (or order in!) so you won’t be cold in the cold rainy weather.
  4. The peaceful sound of the light rain that brings comfort to your ears. Whether it’s coming down against the window or on top of your umbrella, that sound is mesmerising.
  5. Rain means life, for plants, animals and people too. We literally couldn’t live without it.
  6. Romance and rain go hand in hand, and gives you the chance to recreate all those romantic scenes form your favourite movies.

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Photo by: Alon