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Things to love about winter

Winter is definitely a love/hate season. For most people when the days get shorter and the temperature is dropping by the day it's easy to wish for the summer to roll around again as there is nothing to love about being cold and damp. However, the Winter is a season which should be embraced and loved just as much as summer so here are five things that everyone should love about this season. 

Winter Woollies

Winter is the season to layer up clothes and dig out last year’s woolly hats and knitted scarves. While these snuggly accessories can work to add a little extra style to the outfit, they also have a very beneficial purpose of keeping you warm. The wide range of jackets means that you can still change your look up from day to day, accessorising with dome umbrellas, wooly scarves and cosy gloves.

Christmas Markets

It has become a great tradition for most towns will put on their own version of a German Christmas market. This often ties in with the local switching on of the town lights which really symbolises the beginning of the festive season. The Christmas markets often have a free pass to play festive tunes which would normally get irritating in your local supermarket, you can also pick up some great gifts for friends and family and the smell of mulled wine and gingerbread is very inviting along with the wooden stands and well-wrapped up shopkeepers. These markets often carry on into the first few weeks of the New Year, so even if you didn't manage to find time before Christmas, you will have time afterwards!

Unapologetically Stodgy Food

Stodgy food in the summer is just all wrong. The long, light days compel you to eat light meals such as salads, but when winter rolls around a salad doesn't seem to keep you warm on the cold days and nights. There is nothing better than walking home from a long day at work in the dark knowing there is a hot macaroni cheese or slow cooked goulash with steaming rice waiting for you when you get in.

Log Fires and Hot Drinks

When the weather is terrible outside; bitterly cold or raining and grey, being wrapped up inside on the sofa with a log fire and cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine couldn't be any more perfect. Winter is the perfect time of year to get out the blankets and candles and to get all cosy.

The Winter Sun

The sun makes everyone happy, it's a fact! And although it doesn't tend to make much of an appearance during the colder months, when it does come out, it really does make you love winter. One of the nicest days is when there is blue sky, the sun is shining and there’s a chill in the air. These are the types of mornings where you look out from your windows on which jack frost has drawn his patterns, to see the crispness of a winter's day are things that long hot summer days will never posses.

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