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Why Thursday is the New Friday of Weddings

Last year an estimated 21,700 weddings took place on a Thursday. That’s an increase of 6,000 on the previous year. John Lewis also shares there has been a 43% increase in couples taking out an insurance for Thursday nuptials over the last five years.

So why is Thursday becoming the new Friday for weddings? The overriding reason seems to be a financial one. And another, indirect reason cited is our new freelance economy – where working schedules are far more flexible.

Money Talks

The cost of an average wedding has now increased to over £24,000… that’s an enormous sum of money. And by having your wedding on a Thursday, you don’t just save a bit of cash, you save a lot:

- Christchurch Harbour Hotel, Dorset: Saturday cost = £5,995, Thursday cost = £4,250
- Old Royal Naval College: Saturday cost = £7,800, Thursday cost = £6,800
- Key Garden: Saturday cost = £3,500, Thursday cost = £2,500

The savings come in to the thousands of pounds.

Insurance Data and Thursday Benefits

Whilst demand for Thursday wedding insurance has increased, demand for Friday wedding insurance has decreased. The reason cited is that oftentimes, Friday costs are as high as weekend costs despite it being a week day.

Another argument for a Thursday wedding is less demand for that day in comparison to the weekend. Future Mr’s and Mrs’ are more likely to get their first choice of venue.

Additionally, as one couple cited, not only was the venue hire lower on a Thursday, but everything was! The cost of the hotel is often cheaper, as is the catering and everything in between.

The Counter Argument

Interestingly, about the time we read about the Thursday wedding trend we also learned of one couple who regretted having a Thursday wedding. They said important people couldn’t be there because they couldn’t get the time off work, and people that could attend, couldn’t let loose like they wanted to because of needing to go to work the next day.

However baring that in mind, the wedding day is of course, an important day but it is after all, one day. If you can save money on your wedding and put it towards a house deposit for example, although a bit dull, this could be a better use for your hard earned funds long term.

Will the Trend Continue?

We sure hope so! We’re big fans of saving your precious budget at Jollybrolly – and our low cost wedding umbrellas reflect just that fact. See them here, starting from the lowest price.

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