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Time To Update That Autumn Wardrobe

Autumn days can be incredibly beautiful, with days that are striking with evening sunlight, and chilled mornings where you’ll need your scarf, and perhaps an umbrella too. That autumnal beauty goes for the autumn wardrobe as well.

In the summer, there can be the pressure to have our bodies exposed on the beach and in the pool, but in the autumn it’s all about being wrapped in gentle layers, with a range of gorgeous shades and tints, like autumn leaves that have floated softly to the ground...

Okay, so there’s the poetry. But what about the practicalities? Well, updating a wardrobe rather than replacing it entirely, is always about introducing some key pieces that will work well with what you have already. So lets assume the basics are there, such as a few neutral coloured tops, skirts, trousers and few pairs of shoes or boots to cover the various possibilities of autumn sunshine in the town, or a wet afternoon in the forest.

Think about rich and deep colours - navy blue, teal green, and if mustard yellow suits you then work some into the palette for a classy look. How about rust and slate grey. If your basic capsule wardrobe is doing its job, then you can make a few additions of well fitting tops, light woollen layers, and autumn accessories, like hats, scarves, and a umbrella just in case.

Textures are key in autumn, perhaps more than any other season. Soft silky sheens on layers next to the skin can mix with rougher fabrics in accessories and outer layers. But as far as possible, keep it natural. Nothing says autumn like materials that look like they’ve been gathered from the forest, or washed in on the shore. If you can’t stretch the budget to pick the items you really love, think about the styles and colours and see how creatively you can hint towards them in your clothing choices.

By the way, remember those basic wardrobe items that you needed to replace anyway. How are your boots? If they could do with an upgrade, you might need to factor that price into your wardrobe budget, and start there.

And when it starts to rain, be ready with an umbrella that’s not just solid black, unless that’s your look. Choose a shade to shelter under that sets off your whole autumn wardrobe.

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