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Tips For A Frugal Wedding Day But Doesn’t Look Cheap

A big tip for a happy start to married life is not to blow your whole budget on your wedding day!

It can be tempting ahead of the day to push the boat out and invest hundreds if not thousands into creating a memorable celebration, but if it leaves you for the next few years continually thinking about how to pay back the loan or build up those savings again, those incredible photos could give you lasting indigestion. You’ll thank yourselves in the future for choosing a more frugal option instead. But don’t worry, you can still make it look really classy, and here’s just how to achieve that.

150 guests too expensive? Then, how about 15. In fact, how about only inviting those very few best friends and family to the expensive part, and then holding a more informal party later in the day where everyone and their children will be invited. Perhaps a big picnic, for example. Or a barbecue on the beach as you watch the sun goes down.

If you’ve already set up home, perhaps getting a new toaster isn’t top priority for you. How about a different kind of gift list where people gift you their talents and availability on the day rather than buying stuff you'll end up having to work out where to store. So, for example, if you have a friend who’s good with a camera, or one who loves making cakes, or a group of mates who are great at entertaining crowds with live music and DJ-ing, then get them involved. Some people are really good at decorating and love the chance to show off their skills. Just remember not to ask too big a favour from someone, unless you're sure they're happy. Making a wedding cake or even your wedding dress is a vast undertaking, so make absolutely certain someone would love that opportunity before the conversation turns into letting them do it for free.

Finally, if you’re looking for some striking photos, cheap umbrellas are both practical, and (in the right matching shades) they’re really beautiful too. Order online from the JollyBrolly range to get some great bargains, and you’ll have ready-made thank you gifts to give your guests too.

Don’t assume an inexpensive wedding has to look cheap. Just make sure the money you spend is carefully directed towards the props and services that will really make your day. Forget designer labels and celebrity bling. Instead, think colours, styling, tones, textures, ambience, laughter and making things memorable for all the right reasons.

Oh, and the last tip - use your own unique hashtag and gather everyone’s photos from the event. You'll get hundreds.

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