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The Only Tips You Need When Planning a Wedding

When it comes to putting together the wedding day of your dreams, let's be honest, it can be complicated. So many options, so many ways to spend your money, so many alternatives for venues, receptions, menus and honeymoon destinations. The pressure is on to impress family and friends and to plan a day that ticks all the boxes.

But don’t despair. When you think of all the people you know who've ever got married, we bet you can’t name one couple who changed their minds because of the planning. They all found their way through it, and so will you.

Manageable levels

Instead of filling your head with more and more options, it’s time to tailor things down to a manageable level. Why not create your own foolproof guide to your own wedding? Whether you do it online or in a fancy album, come up with a limited shortlist of final options that you’re going to choose between. If one doesn’t work out, go to the next. Simple as that.

Have fewer options

Two or three caterers. Two or three venue possibilities. Two or three dress shops you’re going to visit. If one of the two or three turns out to be awful, you can either resort to your other option(s) or simply select a replacement. Give them a call, send them an email, go and visit, and see how quickly this whole wealth of possibilities starts to narrow down and turn into a plan.

Keep lists

Keep lists of every aspect of the wedding: The venue, reception, caterers, florists, menus, invitations, dressmakers, beauticians, musicians, photographers and transportation. With your own compilation of short lists to rattle through, the big and worryingly complicated art of planning your own wedding becomes manageable and maybe even fun.

Give it time

This approach will work slightly differently if you have a year to go, rather than a few months, but either way, it’s a great way to ensure you don’t get deluged in detail. Don’t make the wedding planning a rushed affair, and if you don’t have all the time, ask for help from friends and family.

Stay calm

You can buy ivory wedding umbrellas to help you guard against literal rainstorms that might occur on the big day, but if the ‘flood’ that’s affecting you is a flood of wedding plans, think about constructing your own ‘wet weather gear’ in the form of a watertight wedding guide. Stick to it and you'll be high and dry.

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