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Top Tips For Staying Cool While Playing Golf In A Heatwave

When the weather is unbearably hot, some golfers might decide to take the solar equivalent of a rain check. After all, who can truly concentrate on their game while they’re roasting in the summer heat? If you’re a serious golfer though, you’ll want to keep your hand in even in those warmer months. So how do you keep your cool on the course? Here are some great ideas.

A hat is the first suggestion. Choose one with some shade so that you’re not going to suffer from sunburn. If you find one that covers your neck as well as your face, so much the better. Of course, you should be slapping on the suncream too. That goes without saying.

Hydration is always a key factor. Water is the best bet, and you’ll really want to steer clear of alcoholic drinks as they can be dehydrating. Caffeine won’t help either, so save teas and coffees for later in the day and reach for the water bottle instead. In fact, it’s worth drinking a few glasses of water before you even start your game.

In terms of food to eat in preparation for golf, it’s probably a good idea to stick to having a few lighter snacks as you play, rather than eating a huge meal beforehand. Who wants to be out in the sunshine after eating a large bowl of pasta? Not you!

Lighter coloured clothes will reflect the sunlight and keep you cooler, so if the golf club dress code allows for it, shorts and white or pastel shades will really help you stay cool in the hot weather.

Have you considered golf umbrellas doubling as sunshades? It’s a bit like having a tree that travels around with you so you can perch in the shade rather than having full on sunshine. Choose a large one in a lighter shade and you’ll probably find friends who want to join you under there!

And if you’re in the market for a new golf bag and you don’t mind carrying a little more weight around with you, consider one with extra cooler compartments where you can store emergency water supplies and an ice pack. With a trolley or even a cart, this should be easy enough to transport, and failing that, find a willing caddie who doesn’t mind carrying it for you.

Those are some simple ideas for golf in a heatwave. Don’t let the sun stop play!

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