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Tips on what to wear to a winter wedding

The winter wedding season is one that is truly magical, particularly when graced with a blanket of crisp white snow! However, the colder weather means that the rules we all know and love for a summer wedding often go out the window. If you are wondering what to wear to a winter wedding, we’ve got some tips for you:


Don’t let the winter limit your colour choices; this is the season for party wear so make the most of it. This year sparkles and sequins are in every shop window, making a strong statement in a wide variety of colours. Remember to check if the bride and groom have stated a dress code just in case, as you will want to meet their wishes for their big day!

Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are often underrated, but there is no time more perfect for a flowing gown than a winter wedding. The styles vary from stunningly simple to something more delicately detailed; these will help to keep you warm without skimping on style.

Elegant jackets

Whether the event you are attending is indoors or out you should certainly bring along a jacket – even if you only wear it on your journey to the venue. An elegant jacket will keep you warm without impacting on your outfit; try to find something simple and comfortable that coordinates with the rest of your outfit.

Suitable footwear

If the event is held inside, you probably won’t need to choose shoes any different to those you would have worn to a summer wedding. However, with the colder weather, a closed toe shoe or statement boot might be a good option to keep you warm. If you still decide to go for a strappy high heel, make sure you bring along a spare pair of flats to save your feet at the end of the night!


The best way to make an outfit really look special is with accessories; whether it is a simple silver necklace, or a brightly coloured clutch bag. If you decide to wear something that is a little less season appropriate, this is where you can save yourselves. Glamorous gloves will keep your hands warm and a classic ivory wedding umbrella will protect your outfit from any unexpected showers when you have to venture out into the Great British weather!


Throughout the year trends in hairdos come and go, however, around the festive period there is a look that tends to stay. With perfectly placed up dos, classy preened buns and perfectly curled loops; the overall look is simply perfection, with every hair firmly set in place. This is the most popular hair trend of the season, but feel free to go wild and put your own spin on your hair, as long as you have a handy brolly by your side, the weather shouldn’t be the deciding factor on what to do with it!

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