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Tired of losing your brolly? Check out this new singing umbrella solution!

New Zealand brand Blunt has come up with a time saving, traceable and musical brolly for those who are sick of searching for their misplaced umbrellas.

The design of the umbrella has changed very little over the last 100 years, however we wonder if our Victorian ancestors spent as much time looking for their mislaid brollies as we do! The average person is thought to spend over 150 days in their lifetime searching for their lost things, and umbrellas have polled as one of the top 5 mislaid items.

However in a world where time is a commodity, brolly company Blunt finds this unacceptable.

The singing brolly has a built in Bluetooth chip which works alongside the smartphone Tile app to track the item.

Using the app you can call your brolly. If it is within 100ft of your smartphone it will emit a tune which will lead you to your lost brolly, and if the umbrella is outside the 100ft range the app can track its last seen location.

Alongside its musical features the umbrella is also windproof and highly durable, making it a great option for those looking for a brolly-for-life.

The singing sensations will set you back £59 for the compact version, or £63 for the full size.

We don’t sell this brainy brolly but if singing in the rain isn’t for you then why not purchase an outdoor umbrella from our range of windproof, durable and patterned brollies?

Image : Gabriel Santiago

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