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The Top 10 Wettest Places On Earth

Are you off to the Bahamas for your holidays this year, or have you chosen a staycation? We’re so used to wet weather here in the UK, it’s funny to think that other parts of the world might be used to downpours too.

For example, Australia. Did you ever imagine that Sydney might be a place where you’d need an umbrella? In the news recently have been a few impressive Aussie showers, but it’s not exactly one of the wettest places on earth. Here are some of those.

There’s a place in China where there’s a cloud formation called a ‘clouds sea’ that happens during a monsoon. Massive rainfall there. Many cheap umbrellas might not stand up to that kind of deluge, but we have a few bargains that might.

How about Hawaii. Did you know that it has a mountain that’s one of the top 10 wettest places on earth? Amazing. Well, add to that the eighth and seventh wettest places, because 3 of the top 10 wettest areas of the world are in Hawaii. No wonder it’s so beautiful and green.

Over to Africa, and Mount Cameroon. Really, really wet here in the village of Debundscha, which lies at the foot of this mountain. Probably wear your wellingtons too if you go there!

Equitorial Guinea sounds hot and sunny, but in some months of the year, it makes one of the top ten wettest places, with an average yearly rainfall of some 10,450mm. And how about Cropp River in New Zealand, and Colombia in South America. Forget the rain in Spain - those are really wet places.

But the stats say that the wettest places in the world, are in Meghalaya State in India. There, the rain is so loud people have to make their own soundproofing from the local vegetation.

So, if you’re sitting somewhere in Cornwall, Lincoln, or Aberdeen, moaning about the weather, spare a thought for those who don’t even have a cheap umbrella to shield them from the monsoon rains that come their way every year - sometimes including a three week stretch of rain that just doesn’t stop.

With all this talk of rain, consider packing an umbrella when you go on your summer holiday, as well as sun cream. You just never know what the weather is going to be like!

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