If all your friends got married last year, and you and your partner are under pressure to find a way to stand out from among the crowd, you’ll probably be wondering what you can do that they haven’t done yet. How can you make your wedding, or your wedding favours, be the one they all remember?

How about personalised wedding ‘merchandise’ - souvenirs and branded touches that leave your big day in their memories (and on their stuff!) for years to come.

For example, did you know for example that cheap umbrellas can be personalised for weddings? How about that for a fun idea no one else thought of yet. It’s a great idea for an outdoor wedding, as the guests will be able to stay dry in a sudden shower, and your added touch of your wedding logo will cause an affectionate ripple of smiling and conversation to replace the groans at the rain!

Alternatively, there are companies that allow you to design your own personalised clothing items, such as converses, training shoes, t-shirts and baseball caps. You could decide to have your bridesmaids or ushers turn up with an unusual twist of personalised shoes or hats, or you could hand them out to guests for a special photo. It’s not conventional, but think again of all last years’ run-of-the-mill weddings, and how you and your partner need to up the ante.

Gentler, more subtle touches can come in the form of personalised Love Heart sweets scattered on the table during the toasts, or balloons with your initials. Souvenir pens with your married names on them could be a fun and memorable gift for the guests, especially if you have a phrase or saying they’d really identify with you.

Finally, lets think about those guests you really want to thank. The friend who made the cake. The friend who helped with the flowers. The mothers who need thanking for no other reason. And that lovely person who introduced you to the one you’re marrying. How about a personalised bottle of wine adorned with the details of your wedding day. Something memorable to keep and savour.

No one else thought of that last year, did they!