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Top Days Out In The UK That Are Weatherproof

Any day trip in the UK comes with the possibility of a shower or two. It’s part of the beauty of this proverbially green and pleasant land that a sudden fall of rain can occur when you were least expecting it, and your plans for a picnic on the beach have to be curtailed.

Fortunately, there's more than enough sunny beauty spots to see in the UK, and here we've coming up with a few options for tourists looking for sheltered destinations that can be visited even on a rainy day. Here are just a few.

One idea is Sea Life centre. Throughout the UK you’ll find them, from Scotland right down to Dorset and Cornwall. You’ll be able to watch sea creatures in close proximity, and even walk under a watery ocean setting without getting even a hair of your head wet. You’ll be able to spot local aquatic life as well as a few examples from other parts of the world. It’s a definite option if you’re wondering what to do with the kids.

Or how about a cave or two? Wookey Hole in Somerset is a good example of really accessible caves that are worth a visit. If it's raining, just take an umbrella for getting from the bus or car to the attraction, and you’ll be fine. The caves at Cheddar Gorge are another option worth pursuing, and there are plenty of coffee and gift shops there if you need another alternative for staying dry.

Many art galleries and museums in the UK are free to enter, and they make a perfect alternative when there’s rain on your summer holiday. In Bristol, visit the Arnolfini Gallery to find out what exhibitions are showing. They are often interactive and child-friendly, and you can visit the cafe the, or cross over the water to the nearby Watershed for lunch. A cinema is another possibility on a day of rain, and if you have children you might find a nearby mall that has an indoor ball pit and climbing frame.

If you're looking for something a little more luxurious, how about a day at the spa, or in a leisure centre that has all the slides and flumes and bubbles and waves - features that are tailor made to distract you from any rain outside and make you feel like you're by the sea on a sunny day. The Oasis leisure centre in Swindon is a great example.

Another suggestion is to embrace the weather! Go out to enjoy some seasonal splashing around with wellington boots. a waterproof coat, and maybe an umbrella. After all, every season has its fascination, and you might just enjoy it. There’s nothing wrong with a little rain, after all.

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