A golf umbrella is a common sight while you're on the golf course. Of course, their primary function is to shield players from both the sun and rain, which makes them an important part of a golfers bag. In size, they are larger than the regular rain umbrellas we use day to day. Here is a brief low down of the various features you should consider when shopping for your own gold umbrella.

  1. Size

The right size for you depends on what you want the umbrella to cover. The diameter of the arc varies from as small as 30 inches to as large as 70 inches. The 3o inches is ideal for a just a single player whereas one of about 60 inches and larger can usually accommodate many individuals. In short the wider the canopy, the higher the level of protection… Yeah, that one was pretty obvious.

  1. Weight

Given that you will need to carry the golf umbrella with you while you are playing, you should ideally opt for one with more of a lightweight frame; increase the convenience of carrying it around. Most leading brands will choose fibreglass as their prefered frame material due to it being sturdy but still fairly lightweight. Fibreglass is also resistant to lightning.

The shaft and spreaders made of steel are not your best as it is heavy and definitely not safe in case of lightning. Rubber and graphite are the other materials used to make golf umbrella shafts.

  1. Wind Tested

I am sure you have been in the situation where you have had your brolly blown inside out. It is not something you can afford in the middle of a competitive gold game. The wind blows at extremely high speeds on an open golf course. Many golf umbrellas are tested for resistance against high-speed winds and are marked with the level of winds which they can tolerate. A few may even feature a double canopy to prevent your umbrellas from blowing away altogether.

  1. Handle

Golf Umbrellas are sometimes required to be held for long periods of time. And an uncomfortable handgrip can cause your head to cramp up. The handle should be wide enough allowing a snug yet comfortable grip. Look for anything with rubber coated handles.

  1. The open and closing mechanism

An auto-open feature is often a desired attribute on a golf umbrella. It makes it as easy as pressing a button in order to open and close your umbrella. You can be covered immediately in case of any unexpected showers and it will also prevent those accidental and painful pinches.

  1. Colour

You need to visible on a golf course, so having one that is of a light colour kind of defeats the purpose. A brightly coloured umbrella will make sure you are visible at all times whether it be a cloudy day or if the lighting is generally a bit dull.

  1. Accessories

There is nothing better than being able to go hands-free while you are at your game. You are able to opt for an umbrella holder that can be attached to your golf trolley or cart. This way you can continue to play your game to the best of your ability, all while still remaining dry.

There are also golf umbrellas with foldable designs that make the whole transporting thing a lot easier. Golf umbrellas will not only keep you protected on the golf course, but also safeguard your gaming equipment, so keep all these features in mind when out shopping and we promise you, you won't regret your purchase.