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Top Gifts For Any Avid Golfer

What do you give to the golfer in your life when it’s their birthday, anniversary, or just a moment when you want to emphasise your loving message with a gift?

If you feel like you’ve exhausted the usual options of socks and novelty chocolates, here’s a list that might just give you some helpful hints.

First, let’s think technology. Nowadays there are a few apps and devices that are designed to help the average golfer improve their play. How about a rangefinder, to help them calculate the distance required for their next stroke.

In fact, how about a whole tracking system that can detect the finer details of their gameplay, by using sensors in the golf clubs and a nifty app. It’s practically space age! Or how about a smartwatch that’s designed especially for golfers? It can advice you on the technicalities of the course you’re on, and keep score without the use of a pencil. It’s a handy gift for when players have their hands full.

If technology isn’t right for your golfing friend, you can still resort to clothing. The right attire is an important part of any serious golfer’s game. A specially designed golf shirt that moves with the body and and doesn’t restrict the swing is essential.

A golf umbrella is another essential that could make all the difference. Not only is it a useful piece of kit on the course, it’s also one of those things you can keep in the car and have with you when you’re out for a walk in weather that’s less than perfect. A decent golf umbrella will make its owner everyone’s best friend when there's a passing storm!

For those who prefer to practice their strokes in the comfort of the office or living room, you could think about a tiny indoor putting green, which will raise a smile at least, or a chipping net for the garden.

So now you have no excuse. Plenty of ideas there for treating a golf enthusiast to all their favourite things. And if there’s anything on that list you fancy too, why not look supportive and get one for yourself too while you’re there.

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