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Top Honeymoon Destinations of 2016 Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

We all know the traditional haunts for newlyweds to celebrate their honeymoon (Maldives/Caribbean), but new and upcoming destinations are coming out all the time that are so far unspoiled by tourists like you and I. And what better way to celebrate becoming part of a married couple than by going somewhere unspoilt and unique. To this end, Harper’s Bazaar has some interesting and wonderful honeymoon choices that are hot for 2016 in its #TheList. Here goes…

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Conservation is not only vital, it’s seriously on-trend as Tanzania’s National Park tops the list. An option for the more adventurous, staying here helps contribute to the region’s conservation efforts as these are largely funded by tourism revenue. Wake up to elephants at The Four Seasons’ watering hole before heading out to take in the sights or staying in the resort to take in the sights of your other half!

Lagos, Portugal

Where the cool city chic population of Lisbon goes to enjoy some surf. If seafood’s your coveted cuisine of choice, Lagos is the Mecca to your craving.


Ignore its upcoming reputation for clubbers, if Jay-Z and Beyonce can enjoy a romantic getaway here, so can you. Mountains, crystal clear seas, an abundance of trees offering a pine scent at every turn and landmarks abound in this place, and its rocky cliffs are nothing short of inspired.

British Colombia, Canada

If extreme and winter sports are you and your other half’s bag and a sun-soaked bikini holiday isn’t something on the cards for you, Canada can be a wonderful place to escape this year. The scenery starts at spectacular and moves on to breathtaking – perfect for appreciating idylic views with your one and only.


Another surprising one, historic sites, beaches or metropolis – this location actually has it all. You can hike in the mountains of Golan, visit world renowned dead sea spas and take in the awe of the dessert – all in one neat little package.


Australia’s smallest island state and the cleanest air in the world – sound good? When it comes to Australia, you know the scenery is going to be beautiful and you can enjoy each other’s company feeling like you’re at the end of the world – as well as on top of it in newly wedded bliss.

Thanks Harper’s Bazaar for opening our eyes to the up and coming places to visit on honeymoon for 2016. Now, all we need is a groom!

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