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Top ideas for budgeting your wedding

Getting married is an expense most couples might not have planned for, and even though you want the day to be an extra special celebration of your love, budgeting your wedding is a great way to keep costs down.

There are plenty ways to keep your budget low and still have a memorable wedding, and our helpful tips will help you plan. Just remember, at the end of the day, the wedding is about celebrating you and your partner’s relationship and not about the extravagance of the party!

Avoid a large guest list

Though you may want to invite everyone you know, every person racks up an additional cost, and also makes the wedding less intimate. If you keep adding people you may find that there are people on the list you don’t even know. Try to invite fewer people, and don’t just invite people you feel obliged to, and stick to the guest list.

Hold the ceremony outdoors

Renting a building, hotel or function rooms for the ceremony and reception can be the biggest cost. Instead, consider just using your own home, or your parents, or even an outdoor venue which will create a beautiful setting. This easily eliminates the high cost of renting a venue. However, if you do go for an outdoor wedding, remember to have a marquee, gazebo and wedding umbrellas on hand if the weather turns.

Be minimal with the flowers

Instead of splashing out on expensive florists, who charge more for weddings, keep all the flower arrangement simple. You can do this by cutting down on bouquets, or get the flowers straight from your own garden or the gardens of family and friends.

Make your own invitations

With a quality home printer, stamps and some artistic flair, you can easily make classy invitations on your own. You don’t need to go overboard on the invitations, and keeping them simple will help to keep them classy.

Go for local or amateur musicians and photographers

Unless you opt for a DJ, or simply a playlist of your choosing, why not explore local bands and musicians in the community, even trying the local university? Students will be happy to play for you at a lower cost, and the same goes for the photographer, and it will be great for them to build up a portfolio and increase exposure.

Borrow stereo equipment

Rather than hiring a DJ, why not just use your own home stereo equipment or that of a friend? And for the music, simply create a playlist using your laptop, or ask a friend to help out with a list of songs you want to include. Choosing your own songs creates an intimate feeling for the reception.

Bridesmaid dresses off the rack

Avoid getting custom dresses for the bridesmaids and go for off the rack. Head to the shops who will still have stylish dresses, even ones which can be worn again, and make sure everyone is happy to do so. Also, ask the bridesmaids to chip in for their dresses, especially if you opt for a dress they can alter or wear again.

Rent tuxedos as a group

If you are renting your tuxedo, as few people do own one, it is better to rent as a group, through the same business, as you could get a group discount. If you aren’t going down the tuxedo route, ask the groomsmen to wear a plain black suit or other matching formal wear.

Plan for a simple honeymoon

Rather than heading off to some exotic location for your honeymoon, keep it simple and intimate. You can still head abroad, but you can cut down the cost easily by cutting out the travelling, and enjoy a staycation within the UK instead. Try for a place you haven’t been to, but has always attracted you.

Price shop and go DIY for decorations

As you are planning ahead, you can be prepared in time for when any retailer has a sale, so you can jump on the bargains. If you possess some crafty talents, or some of your family and friends do, ask them to help out with the decorations too, as DIY centrepieces or handmade bunting adds a lovely personal touch.

Involve family and friends

If you are brainstorming budget wedding ideas, get your friends and family involved to help out. They will often have good ideas which will save you both money and effort. They may also provide contact with people who can help out, such as caterers, musicians, and venues.

Don’t mention ‘wedding’

People such as florists, bakeries, photographers and other professionals often hike their prices up when they know it’s for a wedding. When you are shopping around, get straightforward quotes and don’t mention that it’s for a wedding to start with. For example, you need a tasteful cake for 100 people or a photographer for an outdoor event for four hours. This provides you with an estimate before handing over money, and when you reveal it is for the big day, you have room to negotiate.

Plan ahead

If you know as soon as you say ‘yes’ to seeing that ring that your wedding will be on a budget, start planning. The earlier you start the better prepared you are for any big stresses that may come your way. The extra time will also give you the chance to find the sales and discounts.

Don’t stress

Something can go wrong at the last minute, and it could happen to anyone. Be prepared that it might happen, and avoid the urge to fix it with money. More often than not, no one will notice the problem, and if it can’t be fixed by you or your partner, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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