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Top Photographs to Have of Your Wedding Day

Your wedding album is going to be a memorable keepsake for your and your loved ones for years and generations to come. So it’s important to make sure you have the right photos that capture the mood and romance. After the event you might wish you’d thought more carefully because you can’t go back and replay those special moments, so here’s our list of key shots you’ll be glad you got first time around.

You’ll want a shot that encapsulates the style of the clothes on the day, which includes any props - such as a parasol wedding umbrella, flowers, bridesmaids hoops, the quirky contrast biker boots, or the Harry Potter accessories that are key to your unique wedding look. Make sure the photographer knows in advance about any special touches you want them to include in that image so they can choose the best location and lighting on the day.

Another shot you’ll want to have is one that reflects the surroundings and venue, especially if you’ve chosen to get married in a place that has special significance for you. Any iconic scenery, such as the nearby beach, an old archway or cobbled path, is worth including. It could become a nostalgic setting you return to on anniversaries.

You might not be a fan of traditional extended family photographs, but it’s a good idea to get one of everyone in your family while they’re together. Friends are worth including, but some friends can come and go. If you’re looking for key shots you’ll want to make especially sure you’ve highlighted those people who are going to be in your life for the longterm.

Save a spot for those scenes you can’t plan ahead for, such as when a sudden downpour means your need more than just a wedding umbrella to keep everyone dry. If you’re planning to get married in one of the wetter months, it might be worth having a few umbrellas on hand just in case, and it really can make a memorable photo. Action shots with confetti or top hats also make great photo opportunities.

The cutting of the wedding cake, the signing of the register, and the couple’s first dance are iconic photos you won’t want to miss. So make sure the cameras are on hand when these are about to happen. And if you’re leaving in a car that’s been adorned with tin cans and silly messages, that’s a nice way to end the album. “Just married.”

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