If you’re not a fan of the rain and you don’t enjoy trudging through the forest enjoying the season delights of a dark autumn day, you can definitely find alternative indoor destinations in London.

After all, umbrellas are great, but if you have the choice and you’d rather find a nice dry indoor place to visit before taking a warm car back home to a fireside sofa with a mug of cocoa, we understand. Here are some options you could consider for that day trip.

Okay, so let’s assume you’d like to spend your rain-avoidance day in the shelter of somewhere truly spectacular. How about the Royal Opera House? You can book to have a backstage tour of all the areas behind the scenes that the public doesn’t usually get to see, which is fascinating and well worth it, but more to the point, you’ll be inside and nowhere near the rain. That's a win win, surely.

If it’s not rain per se that you have a problem with, just that you’d prefer not to have it landing on your head, then how about a day at the London Aquarium. That way you can enjoy strolling through the amazing sights from under the ocean without even getting a fingernail wet.

Now, you can call us umbrella nerds if you like, but here’s an idea if you love umbrellas, but you just choose not to need to be using one yourself on your day off. Take a visit to James Smith & Sons and have a long lingering look at their complete range of umbrellas, right from traditional style through to the cutting edge of contemporary umbrella design and technology. Come early to avoid the queues!

The last one we love for the name alone: Choccywoccydoodah. Never mind returning for hot chocolate after a long day sightseeing, here’s a special daytime place for that highly indulgent cup of cocoa with all the trimmings you’d expect and even some you wouldn’t.

Ditch the umbrellas, grab a good book, enjoy a luxurious coffee break, and don’t worry, we won’t tell a soul.