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The top roles and duties of a maid of honour

Picking which of your girlfriends will get the pleasure of being your maid of honour can be difficult considering there are a number of qualities she must hold. She must be a good listener and advisor; she must be well organised and a good leader; she must always be on hand to help and excited to do so; and, most importantly, she must have your full trust. You’re going to be working together at every stage of your big day; the build-up to, during and cool down after. Here are the top roles and duties of the maid of honour!

Pre-Wedding duties

Planning the wedding is the first of many of her duties and perhaps the most exciting! This may involve helping you decide on your colour theme, visiting wedding venues, dress shopping, attending rehearsals, organising transport and accommodation and more! A key feature your maid of honour must have though is honesty in the feedback she gives you. If a certain dress or hairstyle doesn't suit you or you are being a bit too excessive in the spending and getting distracted by the sparkles it's her duty to stay grounded and tell you.

The Maid of Honour usually also plans the hen party, This is her chance to prove how much she really knows you. The planning should include the location and activities, they should create the guest life, collect any gifts and also collecting the money, (because usually the cost of a hen do is split equally between the attendees).

The Wedding Day!

When the big day arrives the maid of honour should be taking care of you and also lead the rest of the bridesmaids in their takes. She should also make sure you get to eat something for breakfast. (and not just champagne)!! Her key role for the wedding morning is to make sure you are calm, steady and that you are ready and out of the door on time.

If things get all a bit too much she should be there for emotional support, I mean this is the biggest day of your life and it can be very overwhelming. Whoever you chose for the role should be able to handle a lot of responsibilities in the wedding ceremony not just beforehand, she should make sure your dress is on point before you enter the church, ensure the bridesmaids are all in line and everyone is looking their best. Also traditionally it's her job to look after the groom's wedding ring before the vows and then to take care of the bride's bouquet. The list is endless.

When it comes to the reception it's her role along with the other bridesmaid to play hostess, showing guests to their seats, to collect and wedding gifts and to even maybe take a toast as well she should also be prepared with any extras you may need such as hairspray, touch up makeup and a trusty white umbrella, just incase it decides to pour on the big day!


After the ceremony and reception are coming to then end, if you are heading away on your honeymoon immediately she should assist you in preparing to leave, whether that be getting you a change of clothes already and to also look after the dress while you are away.

Now I don’t know about you but that's a lot of duties your chosen maid of honour will have on their shoulder. So pick wisely!

Image: Robert Ramirez under Creative Commons

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