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Top Tech Gifts For Your Bridesmaids

One of our favourite publications, The Knot wrote a wonderful article listing ideas for techy gifts for your bridesmaids. And we’ve covered them on the blog today. Read on for these frankly genius ideas

Phone Charging Clutch Bag

This is absolutely wonderful! The pretty clutch bag is black and white and contains a neat little pocket for glam girls to charge their phones on the move. Never again will low battery be an issue and long may the selfies continue!

Clutch Bag - Phone Charger

Vibrating Notification Bracelet

You can have your own snapchat group… or you can have this funky vibrating notification bracelet. There’s going to be a lot of communication going on with your bridesmaids and this handy little device can let them know when they’ve received a text – plus it adds a delicious bit of arm candy to proceedings!

Notification Bracelet

Bluetooth Speaker Clutch

No party can get started until the music arrives. And now, you can bring it wherever you go and to whatever bridesmaids duties your team have planned. This slim clutch bag is also a bluetooth speaker, and the perfect party starter for your bridesmaids.

Bluetooth Speaker Clutch

Notification Ring

This cool ring is a gem of a find! Completely customisable with colours and stones, you can set vibration patterns according to the type of message you receive. Just hook up your iOS or Android phone and stay in touch with your precious bridesmaids.

Cocktail Notification Ring

Clutch and Phone Case

This is a genius little invention! This gorgeous clutch bag has a space at the back of it that you can clip your phone in to for easy access at any time – and any photo op. Say goodbye to the days of frantically searching through your bag for your phone in a hurry.

iPhone Clutch Case

So there you have it – five funky yet immeasurably useful gifts for your lovely bridesmaids… and a pretty way to ensure communication at all times!

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