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Deciphering the UK Weather – Wet and Dry Hotspots for Your Wedding Day

Today we’re looking at weddings, and weather, and top tens. Discover where your wedding location fits on the scale when it comes to the wettest vs. the driest places in the UK. Additionally, check out our infographic for more data here.

Let it Rain

Rain rain go away, come again another day… that or just solve the problem with our collection of wedding umbrellas!

But regardless of your feelings towards precipitation, if you want to avoid – or even encourage – rain on your wedding day, we’ve got the top ten wettest locations as determined by data from The Met in this post. And it’s good news for Londoners, and judging by the news furore surrounding the data’s release it’s good news for residents from Manchester too, although it’s decidedly worse news for those inhabiting the wonderful city of Cardiff! Here are the top ten wettest places in the UK:

1. Cardiff – receives 115.19cm of rain per year, bad luck to the Welsh capital!
2. Glasgow – receives 112.43cm of rain per year
3. Preston – receives 103.36cm of rain per year
4. Huddersfield – receives 102.84cm of rain per year
5. Plymouth – receives 100.74cm of rain per year
6. Blackpool – receives 88.27cm of rain per year
7. Carlisle – receives 87.21cm of rain per year
8. Manchester – receives 86.71cm of rain per year
9. Gloucester – receives 84.34cm of rain per year
10. Liverpool – receives 83.66cm of rain per year, perhaps a top ten ranking it favours losing to its long time competitor, Manchester!

Dry it Out

You may notice Southern areas of the country not appearing on the list excluding Plymouth meaning it’s good news for areas such as London and Jollybrolly’s home in Bournemouth. At the other end of the scale, here are the our top ten driest places in the UK:

1. Sussex – receives 1,659 sunshiine hours per year
2. Dorset – receives 1,626 sunshine hours per year
3. Hampshire – receives 1,622 sunshine hours per year
4. Kent – receives 1,605 sunshine hours per year
5. Cornwall – receives 1,579 sunshine hours per year
6. Essex – receives 1,559 sunshine hours per year
7. Suffolk – receives 1,553 sunshine hours per year
8. Surrey – receives 1,551 sunshine hours per year
9. Wiltshire – receives 1,543 sunshine hours per year
10. Pembrokeshire – receives 1,528 sunshine hours per year.

Available Sunshine Hours in a Day

And in case you’re wondering, there are 8,760 hours in a year. Once you take away night time hours, that’s almost a third of daylight hours with sunshine for some parts of the country. So despite the typically British belief of wet weather hitting the country constantly, we actually do alright in the sunshine stakes!

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