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Top Things Every Guy Should Keep In His Work Bag

There was a time when women were the only ones who carried bags. But in these days of laptops and iPads and mobile working, we reckon every guy needs his own.

Whether you take a messenger bag to work, or carry a bag with you everywhere you go, you’ll have noticed it can be useful for carrying more than the bare essentials, and you’ll be able to take with you more than just pocketfuls of stuff. Here’s a list of the items you might find helpful to carry with you in your bag, (and if you’re a guy who doesn’t yet carry one here are some reasons you might want to start).

So, let’s assume for a start that you don’t need a reminder about the gear needed for your electronic devices. Your phone, your tablet, even your whole workstation bring with them a pile of leads and chargers you should keep with you, And how about a power bank or spare battery to be on the safe side. That way you need never be out of juice.

So, aside from the technology, here’s something else that should be on everyone’s list if you’re traveling around - a small bottle of hand sanitizing gel. It’s a great way to help keep germs to a minimum when you’re travelling around.

You might have thought that an umbrella was an impractical choice for a bag. After all, think of all the space it uses up. Well, the good news is that nowadays men’s umbrellas come in a range of sizes and you don’t have to have a full sized curved handled umbrella. You can get a bag sized version that will hide discretely away until there’s a shower. You'll be glad you have it with you.

How about a data stick. They take up hardly any room at all, but if you hide one away in your bag you’ll be sure to have it when someone has a file to send you, or you want a safe way to carry that powerpoint presentation offline.

Finally, everyone knows how important it is to drink water throughout the day. So always take a bottle of water with you in your bag, so you can stay alert and hydrated.

Those are just some tips to make sure you have a well-equipped work bag.

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