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Top tips on choosing your maid of honour!

Recently there was a news story about a professional bridesmaid. This matrimonial entrepreneur had discovered a gap in the market for a wedding day best friend who would stand by the bride throughout her special occasion and handle any unexpected issues, like a misbehaving gown, a sudden need for a makeup refreshing or a word of encouragement to offset wedding nerves.

You don’t necessarily need to hire a stranger to do this job for you. Just choose a friend or relative who you can trust and who you know well enough to keep wedding emergencies at bay, watch over your needs and keep you sane. That’s the real job of a maid of honour. But lets say you have a handful of women who could fulfil that role. How can you choose between them?

First, consider who you have known for long enough and through enough ups and downs to be sure they won’t be flustered. Your sister might expect to take that role, but if you have a close friend who you feel is less likely to boss you around, make the decision that gives you the most peace of mind. If in doubt, address that situation head on and be transparent with the people involved. After all, it’s important that you choose someone who is actually going to do the job for you, rather than just the person other people think you should pick.

In the past questions of tradition would come into play. Nowadays most people go with the flow and make up their own rules. For example, there’s nothing to stop you having 2 maids of honour if you think that would work better for you. Perhaps give them different roles on the day - one to organise younger bridesmaids, one to be in charge of watching out for your appearance - the dress, the veil, the makeup, your umbrella. Most importantly, decide who will be there as an emotional support if you need a quick chat or a tissue in an emotional moment.

Keep communicating, keep people on board and the decisions you make will all work out in the end.

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