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Top tips for finding the best grooms suit for the big day

You may be a groom with fashion sense who knows exactly how to look perfect on the big day or one that already has his designer wedding suit planned and tailored to fit. Great. But for the rest of us, here are a few suggestions to make any groom look like the best man on the day… you know what we mean!


Let’s get it straight first of all. On your wedding day, you’re meant to stand out and wear something memorable. So even if it's not normally your thing to dress up for the occasion, this is the day to break that rule. Yes, you could just opt for a quick off-the-peg number in any old colour and tell people you’re not really bothered, but think about it. The photos will be around for years to come. And any wedding dress that hits all the targets will never look quite as good if your partner’s clothes aren’t up to scratch.

Stand in front of a mirror with a good friend and be honest. What’s your body shape? If you’re tall and well proportioned, you can probably take your pick of suits. Don’t try to cram into a restrictive size for the day. You want to be relaxed. Decent tailoring can minimise any problem areas and highlight your best features so you can build on those basics. Accessories like cummerbunds and bow ties will have a visually shortening effect, and shoulder pads could be overbearing if you’re already quite well built. If you’re on the smaller side, don’t go for a double-breasted jacket or you could be swamped. Instead, opt for vests or waistcoats and ties which can help to elongate your body.

Think about the theme colours in the wedding - the bridesmaids, flowers, wedding umbrellas, even the venue. But don't be a slave to a theme that doesn’t suit you. In other words, you don’t have to wear a pink cravat just because the flower girl is in pink. Complementary colours and shades can work even better and allow people to have their own preferences taken into account.

So, with these top tips in mind, finding the perfect suit will be a little easier!

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