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Top tips for golfing in bad weather

Golfing is always better in warm weather, and it is so much fun to hit the course when the sun is shining down. However, in Britain, the sun is not always shining, but we still want to golf. The bad weather can also affect our game, so we have put together some top tips on how to make the most of golfing in bad weather. We also have some fantastic cheap golf umbrellas available at Jollybrolly, so you won’t be caught out in a downpour when out on the course.

Wear an extra pair of socks: There is nothing worse than cold feet when you are stuck out on the course in bad weather. An extra pair of socks keeping your feet warm will help to keep the rest of you warm too.

Layer up: If you know the weather is going to be cold, put the layers on beforehand. A pair of long johns, windbreakers and even waterproofs should be included along with all your usual golfing gear.

Have a drink: Be responsible, but why not enjoy an adult beverage during your play? If you don’t want alcohol but need something to warm up, a lovely hot chocolate or coffee will help.

Have a goal and stick to it: When out on the course and the weather turns, you might just want to pack up and go home. However, you have come out for a reason. Stick to the goal you have and play to the end. It will be much more rewarding.

Use a softer golf ball: You might not hit the ball as far if it is softer, but you will have more feel, which you don’t get much of in cold weather.

Walk the course: Don’t take a cart, walk the course instead, if you can. This will keep you warmer as the blood will keep flowing and you are less likely to stiffen up, which could affect your swing.

Correct your swing accordingly: Whether it is raining, cold, or even snowing (though that is unlikely over the summer) your swing and the distance the ball will travel can be affected. Correct the stance, choose the right club, and it will be like your game has hardly been affected.

Bring some hand warmers with you: These are cheap to buy and can easily be stuffed into a pocket when you are not using them. Keeping your hands warm while you wait, will keep your hands from stiffening up in the cold and wet weather.

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