In Britain, it is a common sight to see the high street full of people with umbrellas, due to the frequent rain that falls on this country. Umbrellas expand our personal space, so we have to be more careful, especially when walking down a crowded street. Here are some pointers on how to handle your umbrella while out and about in the rain, so you don’t go accidentally poking someone in the eye!

Don’t open your umbrella inside: Not only is it ‘bad luck’, it is simply better to wait till you are back outside on the street before opening it.

Put your umbrella away when going inside: Either put it in its carry case, a plastic bag or the stand shops sometimes have available when it is a very day. This means you won’t be making a watery trail!

When you leave, take your umbrella: We all know now how many people pinch someone else’s umbrella in the UK. Don’t take one you prefer the colour or pattern of – stick to your own!

Share when you walk: Whoever you are walking with, offer the shelter of your umbrella to them. It doesn’t matter if they are a close friend or an acquaintance, it is polite to give them some coverage.

Raise your umbrella over other people: As you pass by other people who are shorter or taller than you, raise your umbrella over their heads or tilt it to not let it bump them in the arm or face.

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Photo by: Gabriel Bergin