Everyone has heard about the fairytale honeymoon experience, the perfect romantic holiday, the most beautiful location, a time you’ll always look back on as the epitome of wedded bliss.

There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to have all this! But here are a few top tips you might want to take into account to ensure that your honeymoon lives up to all you dream of, even if there is a bit of a blip along the way!

First thing to remember is that just like any other holiday or occasion, things might go a little wrong. You can miss flights, fall out, get ill, find it hard to relax after the stress of the wedding plans. But don't worry, you will have wonderful moments that surpass them many times over, and the more difficult moments you’ll be able to let pass by without worrying too much. So make the most of the happy times, and if you are faced with a little blip, just remember that this is the start of your life together and you are here to celebrate!

Next, enjoy each other’s company, whether you’re stuck in an airport lounge for longer than expected, or standing on a mountain top admiring a mountaintop view. Stay on the look out for whatever is fun, friendly and interesting, as well as the epic, incredible and mind-blowing.

Learn to make the most of every situation, whether it is the good times or the bad. If you’re there for all the right reasons, it shouldn’t matter too much when the difficult challenges come. Even if one of you feels a bit low or loses a contact lens, or you have to face issues with the flights or the accommodation, take it in your stride and you'll likely be laughing at the situation by the end!

You don’t have to plan for every eventuality, as you can never predict what is to come. You may not need to pack an umbrella if you’re off to the Seychelles in the height of summer, and you won't be needing sunglasses for a winter trip in the UK. So set yourself some realistic expectations, make a few preparations beforehand and enjoy every second you spend with your loved one on your honeymoon!