One of the big perks of any engagement is being able to flash that sparkly engagement ring around the room for everyone to admire. Whether you received it in a spontaneous and unexpected gesture, or you spent months scouring the shops and surfing every online jewellery designer until you decided on exact the right one, you’ll want to keep it looking its best. Care for your beautiful engagement ring, and it will be a spectacular detail in the wedding photos, a valuable reminder for many wedding anniversaries to come, and a heartfelt heirloom to one day pass on.

Diamonds however, can dull over time if not properly cared for. The golden or silver claws that hold them in place can also wear down, so it’s worth giving your special ring some extra special care and attention.

Getting your treasured engagement ring cleaned now and then by a reputable jeweller is a good idea. Diamonds in particular tend to collect natural oils and particles from skin, soaps and hand lotions over time, and these will dull the gleam. If you prefer, you could try cleaning your engagement ring yourself, by soaking with alcohol and then using a toothbrush and gentle detergent.

If your engagement ring contains some large precious stones and you find yourself needing a safe and effective way to clean them more often, you can order specially designed alcohol-soaked wipes that are impregnated with minute particles that will polish your ring in just a few seconds.

Keep an eye on the finer details of the ring. If the diamond gets loose it can be lost in a second. A good jeweller will be able to strengthen any metals that have worn down and save you from losing that precious stone down the sink.

To ensure that your ring stays in the best condition, it is best to avoid getting the metal wet in rain or while doing the washing up! A simple way to avoid this is to never head outside without a trusty umbrella and make sure you wear rubber gloves (or simply remove the ring!) whilst washing dishes.

During a lifetime, your ring size can change. Pregnancy, weight loss and the general life events can mean that you no longer wear your ring because it’s too tight or too loose. But sizing can be altered, so if you’d like the chance to keep that ring on your finger rather than store it away in a box for posterity, sizing issues don’t need to be a problem.

Keep your engagement ring looking its best and you’ll have a constant reminder of what brought you both together.