It’s not uncommon for couples to want every detail of their weddings to be picture perfect. They want a ceremony that will bring guests to tears and a reception that will be completely unforgettable. If you are in the midst of planning your nuptials then these simple tips and tricks will ensure your wedding night will be one to go down in history with your friends and families.

Dancing Shoes

For all the ladies showing up in heels, the chance to switch them out for flip flops before hitting the dance floor will be a godsend for them. You can easily pick up affordable plastic flip-flops very cheaply and you can even customise them with stickers or colours in order to match your wedding aesthetic perfectly. They will also serve as a great memory when your guests use them on their next vacation! So, why not set aside a portion of the budget to give your guests something they will remember, be very thankful for on the night and something they will be able to use again and again. Grab yourself a basket and fill it to the brim with as many pairs as you think would work for the number of guests attending. Your feet and theirs will surely appreciate it...A lot!

Hangover Kits

This is a great DIY you can really use your imagination with and also a great gift for your wedding party. Get a goodie bag and fill it with the necessities to help nurse those dreaded morning-after hangovers. Items such as a bottle of water, pack of ibuprofen, chewing gum and a granola bar and leave each one in a hotel room for each of your bridesmaids and groomsmen. You can even go as far as personalising it with their names and of course the theme of the wedding too.

Take-Away Candy Bar

Add a touch of flavour (quite literally) to the wedding guest favours with a takeaway candy bar. They are affordable and really easy to make up. All you need is a stack of paper containers and a variety of different sweets. Place each candy in a different jar or bowl and let your guests create their own candy take-away bag. Remember to label the jars of what sweet is in what bowl and also get creative with designing stickers for the takeaway bags that match the wedding theme too.

Wedding Party Car

Jet off in style after the wedding a car with a custom “Just Married” window decals, complete with your names and also the wedding date. There are loads of different sites out there you can use in order to customise and create your own decals for a great send off...on a budget.

Wine Wedding Favours

Now, who wouldn't want to head home from your wedding with a delicious bottle of wine to look forward to at a later date. To make your gift even more memorable, customise the wine bottle labels with table number or the wedding theme or even a picture of the happy newlyweds.