Wedding season is upon us and there are many new trends happening that will make your wedding the most perfect day. With the warm weather that will hit the UK this summer, you might be looking for an outdoor wedding, either in a selected venue or your own back yard.

Whatever you are planning, check out these top tips to ensure the day is perfect in every way:


Unfortunately, being outdoors can be a pain for some people, with allergies to take in to account.  In pollen season, hay fever will flare up and newly cut grass can also cause a problem. Make sure your guests know to be prepared before they arrive.


Even if the forecast is for sunny weather and clear blue skies, you can never be too sure how the weather will play out. To keep up the fancy wedding style, have on hand some of our wedding umbrellas - UK weather can be unpredictable.


Having an outdoor wedding means you likely won’t have the chairs and tables supplied. Find the right chairs – it might only be for a few for the meal, but even then they need to be comfortable and attractive.


The unfortunate side effect of being outside in Britain is the amount of bugs, bees and flies. Having a station for bug spray repellent will help, though maybe keep the important cake cutting to somewhere more secluded and away from the wasps.


If you have planned the wedding for the back garden, make sure your neighbours know there will be a lot more noise. Letting them know beforehand means they can be prepared for loud noise levels or lots of people coming and going.


Even if you have a large back yard for the wedding, you might not have space for the cars. Consider what is available in the area and forewarn guests travelling long distance what the parking situation is like.