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Top tips to survive the winter blues

Ok, so the sky is grey, the clouds don’t seem to have a silver lining at the moment, and it feels like the sun last shone over two years ago. Winter blues are more common than you’d think, and they can make a big difference to your mood for that half of the year.

So instead of giving in to the winter blues, let’s think of some ways to fight back and get your mood back up where it should be. Unless you’re deeply affected by the seasons, it doesn’t have to take much to get you back up and enjoying life even when the summer holidays are far off on the horizon.

Make the most of the daylight hours

First, make the most of any daylight. Light has a big impact on moods and very often we get down because we naturally need more exposure to more natural light. So, make sure that you leave the house for your daily activities before the sun goes down to get out in the elements. Open the curtains wide, pull up the blinds and make the most of every minute of the day before it gets dark. Remember that in winter that might end mid-afternoon, so go outside in the mornings where you can, and see if you can get out for at least half an hour at lunchtime if you are at work all day.

Don’t focus on the weather

Don't let your happiness depend on the weather. You don't need to take cover when there’s a shower. Bring a colourful umbrella with you and have a light raincoat that you can slip on in an emergency rather than cancel your plans. That way you can take a quick trip around the block, or even walk to a bookshop to find something to read beside the fire with a mug of something warm later on in the evening.

Keep up with socialising

Use the winter months to socialise. Whether it’s a trip to the cinema or an afternoon trudge through the woods with friends, spending time with others is a great way to distract yourself from the winter blues.

Look ahead

Finally, if all else fails, you could always pour yourself a glass of wine as a treat and consider what you want to do when the sun is shining again. It won’t be long, we promise – spring is just a few weeks away now! And if even that doesn’t work, we hear the Canary Islands are lovely this time of year…

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