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My Funny Valentine: The Cheesiest and Funniest Valentine’s Stories from Around the Web

February 14th is a day that splits numerous people’s opinions.  For those in a committed relationship, it is another day to show one another how much you care with a nice meal or a trip away.  For single people, it is a good excuse to go out and meet other single people, or a great chance to relish singledom by watching others slave away trying to find the perfect gift.  We have scoured the internet high and low looking for the most cringe-inducing Valentine’s Day stories to either get you in the mood or remind you why you’re still single!

Hopeless Romantic

Depending on what kind of couple you are, Valentine’s Day is either a massive celebration or perhaps a small exhange of a card and gift is enough to remind each other how much you care.  For some people however, it is a chance to get seriously cheesy!  One particular story we like, which may have been romantic at the time but very cheesy in retrospect, is the tale of a librarian and her lover.  Wanting to propose spontaneously but without a ring, the boyfriend walked into the library one day, rummaged through his librarian lover’s desk then pulled out a stamp, which he then stamped across her knuckles.  The stamp read: “NOT FOR CIRCULATION”.  Aww, how sweet!

Most women hope for a little bit of care and attention on the most romantic day of year, and they normally hope it’s their other half that does it for them!  One very romantic man took his girlfriend away for a three-day gambling break in Las Vegas, only for her to see upon arrival that he had booked the honeymoon suite and a candlight dinner on the Colorado river.  However that wasn’t all: he finished off the weekend by proposing to his girlfriend then taking her to the pre-booked quaint little wedding chapel for a gorgeous surprise wedding.  It’s a good job she said yes, otherwise this corny yet romantic idea could have been a nightmare!

Pure and Simple

Sometimes, long term couples may agree to a low-key Valentine’s Day at home, no expensive meal or sparkling jewellery.  However, one husband decided that just because they were staying in for the night, it didn’t mean he had to forget about the occasion altogether.  After sending his girlfriend out to pick up some shopping, this loving boyfriend spend the next hour turning their apartment into a Valentine’s Day heaven.  He had spent the previous week crafting hundreds of hearts out of paper and card, sprinkling them with glitter and generally spending a lot of time being girly!  Upon her return, the girlfriend was surprised to find her entire flat covered in hundreds of paper hearts, with a trail leading through the garden to a candlelit dinner table, complete with a home-cooked meal.  Low-key this wasn’t, but cheesy and memorable? YES!

For schoolchildren, Valentine’s Day can be an angsty time of year.  For children, crafting a beautiful card, adorned with glitter and macaroni, then delivering it to their crush can be very daunting.  One eleven-year-old decided to spell it out for her crush, sending him a letter that simply said, “Do you like me?” with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ option beneath.  It appeared that her crush, in spite of being just eleven, was suffering an existential crisis, as he replied with: “I don't know. I don't know myself yet. Plus I'm under a lot of stress at home so, I can't tell.  P.S. You don't know yourself until you're 18."  Wow, how profound!  Although I’m sure his crush was less than impressed with this philosophical answer.

We love Valentine’s Day as it’s a good way to remind your other half that you’re thinking of them, whether it be through a grand gesture like the surprise Las Vegas ceremony or something smaller like taking out the rubbish or cleaning the house.  Either way, February 14th is the perfect opportunity to let your cheesy side out for the day, don’t be afraid of the cringe – embrace it!

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