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Top Wedding Apps Every Bride Needs

Meant to be planning a wedding, but you're addicted to your smart phone? No problem. Nowadays there’s an app for everything, and weddings are no exception. Here’s how to use that ever-present device to help you plan your big day with some well-known, and not so well known apps.

Pinterest will give you lots of inspiration when you’re considering designs, colours and decor for your wedding. If you’re feeling stuck, just an hour surfing on Pinterest and you’ll have more than enough ideas for at least one wedding! While you’re there, Etsy will do a similar job, and may well point you in the direction of purchasing some beautiful, quirky and unusual additions for the occasion.

Have you heard of Veri? Veri is a photo-sharing app that makes it simple to create a wedding album from your guests snapshots and videos. You’ll just need to send them the invite and you’ll get everyone's photos in one place, without having to trawl through your friends’ Facebook feeds.

And how about creating a wedding website of your own - some call it a ‘wedsite.’ Using an app called Joy, you’ll be able to co-ordinate RSVPs and create a log of all your plans and preparations that will become a lovely souvenir for the future. Zola Weddings is another app with a similar idea. Why not add your own online wedding registry into the mix. A wedding app like that could make life easier for guests looking to buy you just the right gift.

Now, what about Evernote? It's great for helping you plan, and it will synchronise with your phone, desktop, and mobile devices, so that you have constant access to the latest appointments and budget updates. This is an app you’ll want to use beyond your wedding day, but marriage preparations can be intense, so Evernote could become your best virtual friend.

There’s also the snappily named, Appy Couple, which combines plans, prices, responses and organisation right across the wedding - tracking RSVPs, and co-ordinating accommodation, interactively, and intuitively. Genius.

Finally, don’t feel it has to be all about the wedding. For all we know, this bride might enjoy an app on motorcycle maintenance as a gentle diversion from the wedding plans. Treat yourself to a new app that helps you stay grounded and reminds you to relax, whatever that means for you. Wedding planning shouldn't all be hard work.

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