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Top Wedding Colours To Fully Embrace This Year

What’s your favourite colour? We’re not talking football teams - or perhaps we are! It’s your wedding, so if it’s your dream to walk down the aisle dressed in a gown that’s channelling a Chelsea strip, then, fabulous! It's your day, after all. But let’s assume you’re looking for something  a bit more traditional, in keeping with this year’s trends. Here are a few ideas.

White is traditional of course. And, while that might seem like an unimaginative choice, you could introduce a variety of textures to bring depth and richness to the purity of that wedding colour. Silk and satin and lace. Balloons, tea roses, and linen tableware. Touches of contrasting colour can be brought to life beautifully against a plain white canvas.

Many brides go for pink shades. If you like the idea but you want something more chic, how about this year's classy shade of desert rose, or a rich terracotta to blend with autumn tints. If you wonder how to bring a colourful theme together and make it work, natural flowers are a unifying factor.

Wedding colours in lilacs, lavenders, blues and greens can either be classic stand out as more contemporary, depending on the shade you go for. Your bridesmaids and maids of honour will welcome the chance to dress in a colour that suits them, so you can include a rainbow of colours if that works best.

When it comes to the backdrop and the decor, this years colours range from the traditional to the avant garde. You could go for a monochrome pallet of greys and blacks to enhance black and white photography, for a truly memorable scheme.

One of the very popular colour ranges for weddings is the natural and minimal look of ecru and taupe. It works well in natural linen and canvas, with exposed woodwork and stones. It’s a good way to bring the interior indoors if you’re having a wedding that has outdoor elements but you’re not sure about the weather on the day.

If colour is a big thing for you and you’re a very visual person who likes to make a statement, then you could decide to have the cake in a bold shade of turquoise, or wear a scarlet wedding gown. Whatever you choose, remember the rule of thumb tends to be that less is more. A gentle hint can be powerful where wedding colours are concerned.

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