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Traditional Japanese umbrellas getting a modern twist

Umbrella making has been a tradition that stretches back hundreds of years to the Edo Period of Japan and new designs have decided to reflect the popular modern culture in Japan through the designs used on the umbrella.

Anime and manga are a big part of pop culture in Japan and has also become popular in the UK and America. The particular style of drawing and animation has become recognisable in the changes of art and design in Japan, and now can be seen on umbrellas. This is similar to some of the most recognised designers from the UK having their work printed on umbrellas.

Umbrellas have been important in Japanese culture for a long time, as well as their performing arts. It is great to see the modern pop culture combined with the traditional design. The designs used on the umbrellas have been taken from popular anime shows.

Bright colourful designs with flower motifs will be just some of the designs used. If you are looking for an umbrella that will stand out, check out the range of umbrellas we have at Jolly Brolly. Take your picks from fashionable dome umbrellas, a selection of coloured umbrellas, and even stylish gents umbrellas.

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