It seems that the traditional British wedding is close to extinction, as couples are opting for an ultra-modern theme for their big days. Wedding dresses, quaint churches and pretty wedding umbrellas still make an appearance, but with a twist.

Surprisingly, 22% of wedding invitations are sent via Facebook or other social network sites, rather than a traditional card sent in the post. In addition, 1 in every 20 invite is sent by email, and 12% being sent via text message.

A traditional church service seems to be a rarity in this modern age. 38% would rather hold their service and reception in a hotel, instead of having the service at the church and the reception elsewhere.

As many couples now choose a hotel, less than three in 10 weddings are conducted by a vicar or priest. The modern wedding now sees one in 20 couples being married by a friend, and one in 10 being married by a sea-captain.

The dress is one of the biggest changes, just a third of brides get married in a wedding dress, and almost 28% of brides are walking up the aisle in a coloured dress.

A traditional roast dinner used to serve as the favourite dish for the wedding breakfast, but it has been usurped to something a little more modern.

One in 5 couples serve an Italian themed dish, and one in 4 couples choose a curry! 10% of couples tying the knot, choose fish and chips or their favourite take-away to serve instead.

The traditional wedding cake seems to be a thing of the past. Fruit cake appears to be a rarity now, instead, 22% of couples choose a chocolate cake, 18% opt for a sponge cake. However, one in 20 couples prefer a giant cupcake tower!

With wedding-themed television shows becoming increasingly popular, it seems couples have let their imaginations run wild with clever ideas and little twists. This makes their day unique and usually very far from the traditional white wedding.