Umbrellas are a vital necessity for keeping dry in the wetter climates, but with there being so many varieties to choose from how do you know which one is right for you? Here is a more in depth look at the different types of umbrellas you can use to shelter you and your loved ones from the storms.

Here in the UK rain occurs every month and that is just the fact of being British! This is why if you commute to work or school you will more than likely need your umbrella with you at all times just in case for those pesky uninvited rain showers.

When you are picking what type of umbrella you want you should think about what you want out of it. Is just keeping the off you enough, or do you want something that will fit in your glove box or handbag? Different umbrellas suit different occasions, but whatever it is you seek, there are a lot of options to chose from.

1. The Classic Umbrella

The most common umbrella that you see out and about. Commonly made with a metal frame with micro fibre fabric canopy in order to keep the rain off. These types of umbrellas are your pretty much day to day umbrellas that everyone has in their house.

2. The Foldable Umbrella

These nifty little brollies are life savers for sudden showers. When folded up they are small enough to fit into your handbag and glovebox. They are easy to transport if you are going away on holiday and you are able to carry a few of them around with you if you have children.

3. The Bubble Umbrella

Bubble umbrellas are easily recognisable due to their spherical-shaped canopies that can cover the user's face entirely so using this type of umbrella will more than likely keep you the driest out of them all, in fact, it's the design that is prefered by her majesty the Queen too.

4. The Storm Umbrella

Storm umbrellas are usually made with extra strong and reinforced material. Sometimes they are also double layered to hold out from blowing upwards in huge storms. These types of umbrellas provide sturdy and portable shelters which can usually fit 2 adults underneath them comfortably.

5. The Automatic Umbrella

These are purely the novelty umbrellas. This style doesn't require you to open it manually as there is a nifty little button to do that work for you. Perfect for those days when you are carrying heavy bags of groceries and just need to quick way to stay protected for the drizzle.

6. The Golf Umbrella

Golf Umbrellas have extra-large canopies. These are for shielding golfers and all their equipment adequately from the rain. Having one of these hands in the car if you are an avid golfer will ensure all players equipment as least will be sheltered.

As you can see umbrellas are essential tools to have handy, invest in a quality one today and face the rain with confidence.