If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times… an umbrella is an accessory that can last you for years so it’s worth investing in something that is built to last. If it’s a mens umbrella you are after you are in luck! Although of course suitable for both sexes many umbrella styles marketed to men are actually built with a sturdier frame than many of the ‘fashion umbrellas’ available. Of course you get what you pay for so here’s some top tips when you’re searching for your perfect brolly:


Pay Attention to the Frame

The material of your umbrella’s frame makes a big difference in terms of how strong the umbrella will be and how long it will ultimately last.

Aluminium is lighter than steel, so if often used for ‘lightweight’ products but is typically not as strong. Both are popular options, but if you’re after a super strong, wind-resistant mens umbrella then you want to be looking for a fibreglass frame. Fibreglass is more flexible, making for a stronger frame that is less likely to buckle in the wind.

Even if they do get the brunt of a big gust, fibreglass’ flexibility means that the umbrella can easily reshaped and normal use resumed. Fibreglass is also not a conductor which make these frames ideal for being out in a big storm as you will not be a target for lightning.


Check Your Canopy

Many mens umbrellas sport a Nylon waterproof fabric, but if you’re striving for performance we recommend looking for a Polyester Pongee canopy instead. These will not only be stronger, but will have improved water resistance and often a quicker dry time as well!

Frame will always be the deciding factor in terms of an umbrellas sturdiness, but you may also wish to consider a vented canopy for optimised wind flow.

Be sure to fully open your umbrella to check  for any weak points on the canopy as well as fabric quality before purchase.


Get The Right Pole

This is a harder one to pinpoint, but hollow shafts (typically aluminium or steel) have the benefit of being lightweight but are often weaker and prone to snapping.

On the other hand solid wooden poles will be stronger but are considerably less flexible. As we know flexibility is key when it comes to the most wind resistant mens umbrellas so you probably want to opt for something in between!