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The Ultimate Summer Festival Survival Guide!

The festival season has arrived!

Time to pack up your tents, collect your wristbands and put on your wellies. If you're new to the festival season not to worry, we are here to help you sort everything you need with our survival guide.

Usually, it's best to book your ticket in advance especially to really popular ones such as Glastonbury, Reading and Isle of Wight. But sometimes you can find the odd few floating around on the internet if you missed out the first time round, but be prepared to pay that little bit extra.

You have your ticket and now you just have to figure out what to bring with you. Here are some things which you should not leave your house without.

Backpack - To carry all your essential gear with you.

Tent - One of the essential things, but be sure to give it a quick check before you go

Sleeping Bag - Another key essential, as you don't want to be sleeping on the floor.

Clothing - Don't bring anything that you don't mind getting ruined, also make sure you bring some warmer clothes for when it gets a bit colder in the evening.

Wellies - Always prepare for the extremes especially here in the UK. Just because the weather forecast says no rain we wouldn't recommend risking it. Wellies will be your best friend over the festival season.

Water - This is essential in hot weather, most festival organisers will permit you to take water to the event.

Umbrella - There is nothing worse than seeing your favourite act performing while it's pelting down with rain. So stay covered and bring a small fold up one just in case.

Extra Plastic Bags - To pack away your dirty gear to take home.

When you first arrive at the festival you will need to find where your camping ground is located and set up your tent. Usually, this will be pretty easy as it will be signposted clearly and you are always able to ask a member of event staff to help.

Once you have set up your tent scan around for a landmark in order to help you find your way back. Whether it be a flag, yurt or teepee, just anything near your tent that you can use at 4 am while you're stumbling back in the dark.

While festivals can be the most unforgettable weekend of the summer, it's important to always keep your wits about you, Make sure you stay with your group and there are always going to be event staff around if you have any problems or completely lose your way. But most importantly have fun!

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