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“Under My Umbrella” campaign aims to protect those in need from the rain

A family trip to a coffee shop in Sudbury, Canada spurred the Coulas family into starting a new venture which seeks to protect those in need from the rain.

Fourteen-year-old Melody Coulas said it was pouring with rain one day when her and her family were heading to get a drink at a coffee shop, and they saw a homeless man standing at a busy junction, soaking wet.

The family decided to pull the car over and hand the man their yellow umbrella in order to shelter him from the downpour. Melody said that the smile from the man upon receiving the umbrella made them all happy, which sparked an idea.

From one small act of kindness came the idea of the “Under My Umbrella” project, where the Coulas family are fundraising to buy more yellow umbrellas. Those umbrellas will then be given out to drivers in Sudbury to keep in their cars, who can then give them to someone less fortunate than themselves.

Holly Coulas has expressed how proud she is of her children for coming up with such as great scheme, and said they have made her very proud.

"You try to teach your kids certain morals, you tell them to be kind to others, but when you see them actually take a plan into action, and do something about it, how can you not love your kids even more than you do?" she said – and we agree! Well done to the Coulas family for such a great project.

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