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Wet and Wild - Crazy Umbrella Designs from Around the World!

We can't quite believe our eyes' who would have thought the classic umbrella could be so customisable! Check out some of the crazy art-inspired designs from around the world...
1. A Different Kind of Dome

This crazy domed umbrella covers the whole body and uses shoulder supports rather than the traditional single handle. This is less for keeping you dry and more for making a statement, although what that statement could be remains a mystery! This is definitely something for the fashionistas!

If you're looking for something a little more familiar check out our clear dome umbrellas here.

2. Float Away... with this Cloud Umbrella

This cloud-formation umbrella by Dutch designer Joonsoo Kim inflates from stick form into this artistic and strange design, keeping you dry in an ethereal way. It has real aesthetic value as well as demonstrating some cutting edge water-sensor technology; perhaps a little too crazy for some but a lot of fun nonetheless!

Funky and fun designs can be found and bought in bulk here.

3. The "All-In-One"

This all-in-one umbrella/shower curtain will definitely keep you dry! It's not a particularly attractive design and might just make you the subject of a few glances as you pass by but you will without a doubt arrive at your destination bone dry! Probably not best used for a quick trip to the shop as we think this outlandish contraption could potentially take more time to set up than the rain shower itself!

With designs like this around if you're opting for the full-body coverage look why don't you just buy a gazebo? Yes you lose the mobile factor but this contraption doesn't look overly mobile anyway! See here for more information.

4. All Things Bright and Beautiful

Perhaps not the most practical umbrella out there, seeing as electricity and water usually don't mix! This gorgeous luminous style is great for parties and summer festivals though. It can add a touch of magic to garden parties and suits any theme involving magic or fairies as well as being a fun vintage addition to club and dance nights, a little sparkle goes a long way and you can make a statement with any piece of apparel!

Aesthetics are important as well as practicality, have a look at our great selection of bright coloured umbrellas here.

5. The Name's Bond...

This edgy knuckle-duster design can add a little James Bond to your work day with its streamlined silver and black dome.

For people looking for a more upmarket and traditional city design, check out our selection of city umbrellas here.

6. The Game of Thrones Umbrella

For fans of the fantasy genre, this broadsword brolly is the perfect way to bring a touch of Game of Thrones to your daily commute but is perhaps best saved for fancy dress or themed events.

You can make your mark on your umbrella with a logo or image of your choice, see this link for more details.

There are all sorts of crazy designs out there so you can accessorize your outdoor look in a completely new way. If you've seen any crazy umbrella designs, why not send them in and see if you can wow us? In the meantime, why not check out our special offers and see how we can help your personalise your outerwear and with a touch of colour and style, you can make even the rainiest day a little bit brighter!

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